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At the outset I thank Allah S.W. who has made Arabic the language of Ummah of Paradise. Allah almighty has revealed the holy Quran to Prophet Mohammed (S.W) in Arabic language as well that has put educated Arab professionals and those who are well versed in teaching and learning of Arabic in challenging situation. The task of teaching Arabic language is not an easy one because it requires dedication and commitment add to that skills and expertise so as the teacher covey this beautiful language to non-Arab speaking people in a modern way and conducive environment. This process makes learning as memorable task fill of enjoyment to the learner.


Indeed, The modern pathway adopted by Dr. Mohamed MohielDin Ahmed, Senior lecturer at the language centre, Universiti Brunei Darussalam has made learning the Arabic language easy to understand. Thanks to information technology that has allowed him to develop his own website after all the encouragement and support received from his colleagues. Undoubtedly, Dr. MohielDin is community person and a dedicated professional who want to serve the people through the skills that Allah has given to him as gift to teach and share the knowledge with others. Over the years of hard work and commitment, he has developed these applied skills with Mrs. Fardowas who also specialist of Arabic language to non-Arab is speaking people to make learning enjoyable journey of discovery. He has also used songs as of learner tools to encourage non-Arab children to learn the Arabic language in order to develop their own skills. I wish Dr. Mohiel-Din and Mrs. Fardowas all best and success in this life and hereafter.


Dr. Saad Al-Harran

Specialist, Islamic Microfinance Enterprise

New Zealand


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